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You’ve concluded you can get no further diagnosing or repairing your printer/copier and have decided to bring in a technician. Here are a few things you can do to aid the technician and save yourself some $$ – time is money.

Before you even call for service, make note of any error codes present on the device’s control panel and note the task being performed (scan, copy, print, fax). If it was a print job, note which job and user. If you have examples of jobs that exhibit your device’s issue(s), they would also be very helpful.

If possible, leave the printer in the error state until the tech arrives. It’s very difficult to recreate a specific error. Also, if you’re able to clear some workspace around the device, it will save the tech some time and you – you guessed it – some $$$.

If your device is configured with an administrative password other than the manufacturer’s default, the technician will need that. Also, if your device is configured to scan to network folders, the technician will need the usernames and passwords to access those folders (if servicing the device requires a reset of stored information). Likewise for shared printers.  If there is an issue with connectivity with the device, the address book may have to be rebuilt – emails, fax numbers, etc. Having this information accessible would be recommended.

The technician will be able to analyze the event log to determine prior errors, but any history you can provide regarding the device would be useful.