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  • Calgary Computer Repair

    Calgary Computer Repair

    Server down? Network acting up? Things taking forever during backups or not even working at all? At Cal-Imaging, we have the solutions.

  • Installation


    Cal-Imaging has the technicians to install any and all computers, laptops, servers, networks and/or workcenters that may be required for a new office start-up...

  • Support


    Let us answer questions or concerns you may have on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Regular support can often create a much better understanding for staff...

  • Backups


    Let us get rid of your worries and ensure all your backups are being done properly and without any security issues. Electric power outages, flooding, networks...

  • Consultation


    Cal imaging offers consultations at no cost to you, to help you asses your situation and identify what might cause issues or cost you more time and money...

  • Network Upgrades

    Network Upgrades

    New routers, network set-ups, PC configuration onto networks, backup initialization, network printing drivers, or anything of this nature is something our technicians...