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Frequently Asked Questions

How does controlling my printing save me money?

By carefully reviewing your printing costs we can ensure you have the proper hardware that suits not only what you are printing but how often you are printing it. For example, if you have a Colour copier that you’re purchasing supplies for on a monthly basis, and maintenance is costing you a small fortune, you probably have the wrong piece of equipment for the job. We focus on applying your day-to-day needs to the equivalent hardware and ensure that your cost of ownership is as low as it can be, while still meeting your printing demands.

How does inventory management works?

The worst thing that can happen on a Friday afternoon with a very important print job that has to get done before everyone can leave, is running out of toner… With our monitored consumables software we ensure that this never happens. We monitor all levels and let you know that we will be sending out the supplies you need, BEFORE you need them. This not only reduces your staff wasting time trying to manage supplies, but it also ensures no down-time due to idle printers, copiers, or any other machines in your office.

How can I improve my environmental impact?

We all need to be aware of the carbon footprint we leave on our planet. Cal-Imaging not only reviews energy consumption of machines, but we also focus on reducing the impact over the number of years your office will be going through supplies and parts. We ensure all your supplies, whether it be toners, drum units or fusers, and all parts that may be required as maintenance for these machines are recycled properly and as best as they can be. We all have to do our part to ensure our planet continues to reduce what it can towards our carbon footprint.

How can I join the Preventative Maintenance (PM) program?

Preventative maintenance is the best tool to keep the equipment you run on a daily basis at its best and avoid costly repairs and down-time. Like a car, all your office equipment requires cleaning and a health check to ensure rollers are picking up paper properly, separation pads are not creating paper jams, fusers are not creating smudge marks on the paper, main boards and power supplies are all working as they should be, etc. This is something we schedule for you and also offer a significant discount compared to regular emergency rates.

What is the SMP program?

In partnering with HP we have been authorized as an Elite Dealer here in Calgary. This means that HP considers us not only a cornerstone of the industry, but also offers us exclusive promotions to reduce printing costs for clients who purchase through us. This is across the board as well in terms of hardware and supplies discounts throughout the life of the machine. This translates into 10%, 20%, 30% off and even higher savings up front, simply by using us Cal Imaging as your office equipment and supplies provider.

How do I measure my printer’s page yield?

We are able to educate you on how to review your current printing volumes, as well as the yields you should be receiving on your toners, parts life, etc.

Should I use original or compatible cartridges?

This can be a big decision based on the equipment you have and can also create a big headache should you use Compatible toners when they are not recommended. We can help you decide whether it makes sense to use compatible toners and save you a lot of money or if if better for you to stick with OEM and still reduce your printing costs. In some cases using compatible toners for black and white machines will reduce your printing costs by more than 40%, but in many other cases using compatible toners on some colour machines will create nothing but headaches and failed toners, costing you and your staff valuable time.