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We are a local Calgary company committed to earning your business.  Our goal is to simplify your office procedures by having knowledgeable staff help with the day-to-day operation of your office equipment. We pride ourselves in providing original branded, as well as cost effective alternative supplies for your equipment, as well as fast emergency response for equipment repair, scheduled maintenance, inventory and print management services and more.

Mission Statement

We have created an environment where our employees have the opportunity for personal growth and development. Our employees are valued and the contributions they make to our progress are both worthwhile and appreciated. Our customers should know that without them we would not exist, and we appreciate the opportunity to be of service to them. We are here to solve problems for all of our clients including.

  1. Reducing the acquisition and operating costs for printing & imaging equipment and supplies.

    Using our 100+ years of customer service experience and knowledge to recommend and provide personalized solutions. Ongoing training and development for our account managers is a requirement by our key supplier Hewlett Packard.

  2. Help our clients reduce their environmental impact and achieving their “green” goals.

    We can recommend more energy efficient equipment and facilitate the responsible recycling of your older equipment as well as your empty toner cartridges.

  3. Providing exemplary service for our clients’ equipment.

    Through the ongoing training and skills upgrading of our service engineers.