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4 Tips to When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Photocopier or MFP

By Greg on March 5, 2019 | Tech Tips

Loss of Support

Although equipment manufacturers are regularly introducing new technology, your older copier/MFP may not have available updated print drivers. Without these updates, copiers & MFP’s can become unresponsive, print jobs can get lost in the print queue and the quality of prints lessens. When you no longer receive support from your copier manufacturer in terms print driver updates, it is time to upgrade to a newer copier/MFP.


Lower Your Cost Per Page (CPP)

New photocopiers & MFP’s are much more efficient because they often use fewer consumables (toners, drums, developer units, etc.), and have much higher energy efficiency. This means that your cost per page is reduced.


Lack of Security

A large quantity of information is transferred across your computer network and may be stored on your copier/MFP’s. The majority of this information may be confidential. Newer copiers/MFP’s include password protection, encrypted hard drives and secure printing, scanning and faxing to protect you against hackers who are known to target companies’ networks through their copiers and MFP’s.


Expanding Business Needs

If your business is growing you may need to get more out of your older photocopier, it could be time to upgrade to a new copier/MFP or even to add a new device.


Cal-Imaging Specialists is proud to offer HP Photocopiers, MFP’s, printers and plotters for your print fleet requirements. HP continues to deliver the most secure printer and MFP’s currently on the market. Please contact our sales team at your earliest convenience.

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