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Crashed truck tattoos highway with 40,000 pounds of printer ink

By Greg on March 22, 2019 | Blog

By Tony Markovich

There might not be a point to crying over spilled milk, but we imagine somebody might be shedding frustrated tears over this spilled printer ink. According to WSBTV, a semi-truck crashed early Wednesday morning this week and dumped 40,000 pounds of the messy black stuff all over the busy highway.

Plucked by Gizmodo, the news report says that authorities claimed a car had cut in front of the semi-truck, which caused it to lose control and crash. The accident occurred on I-285 south near I-20 on the west side of Atlanta.

In order to clean up the lost cargo, several lanes were shut down and traffic was diverted off the highway for hours. It reopened after authorities had laid down layers of sand and dirt to soak up the ink. For more information, visit WSBTV.

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