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Servicing and Maintenance

By cardan68 on January 14, 2016 | Blog

Regular Preventative Maintenance (PM) on office equipment will extend its life, retain its value, tend to produce better copy quality, and will often defer or eliminate expensive emergency service requirements. Frequency of Preventative Maintenance service should first be based on usage and second, on time intervals. Just as we are prudent to change the engine oil in our automobiles, based on mileage or time, we should use a similar frequency for our office equipment. In general, office equipment should be serviced at the 10,000 pages printed or a 1 year time frame when print volumes are lower. Service frequencies should be shorter when equipment is exposed to harsher environments where dust, foreign materials, or chemicals are present. A thorough Preventative Maintenance service will take between 45 minutes and 1 hour when performed by a qualified technician.

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